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We consider strong governance, with strategic management of our environmental and social impacts as integral to our future success.

The Partnership Board oversees the competent and ethical operation of the Group, assuring that the long-term interests of all stakeholders are being served. We have a dedicated company secretarial team who, together with our Head of Compliance, ensure that the highest standards of corporate governance and regulatory practice are applied across our business and Funds. Our governance is strengthened by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee which is responsible for integrating our corporate ESG strategy into all areas of our business and investment strategy.

The CSR Committee is responsible for the operational implementation of the sustainability strategy. This is chaired by Chief Operating Officer of Tritax Management. The CSR Committee reports to the Boards of Tritax EuroBox plc and Tritax Big Box REIT plc.

The Committee meets every six weeks and has five sub-committees focused on property, governance, green finance, charitable partnerships and social activities. The Terms of Reference can be found under Policies and Reports.

Responsible business

The Manager has developed a Responsible Business Plan to minimise its operational impact and provide strong environmental management in its management of the Tritax Funds.  This includes ISO 14001 accreditation, responsible procurement and carbon neutral operations. This is complemented with strong charitable and staff support, including a long term partnership with London-based charity, XLP, and a focus on human capital development and employee engagement as detailed below:

Employee engagement

The social Sub-Committee was established with the purpose of supporting employee wellbeing initiatives. As a result, the Manager provides its employees with free yoga and exercise classes and healthy snacks. The Committee has also organised a series of activities for employees, including raising funds for selected charity partners; mental health and unconsious bias training; and lunch and learn sessions.

Employees also benefit from:

  • One day of paid leave per annum for volunteering
  • The opportunity to have charitable fundraising matched by the Manager
  • Participation in the cycle to work scheme
  • Discretionary bonus and share schemes

An independent staff survey was conducted in 2021 by HR consultants, WeThrive, which identified an overall engagement score of 74%.

Diversity and inclusion

The well-being of our employees is an area we take very seriously, and we aim to be an attractive and inclusive employer. Our Staff Handbook includes an Equal Opportunities Policy, Disability Discrimination Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Data-Protection Policy and our Whistle-Blowing Policy. We organise regular social events, support employees in pursuit of individual career development goals and also support and encourage employees who wish to partake in fundraising activities.

Human capital development

The Manager benefits from high employee retention rates with an average tenure of over 10 years. The Company is rapidly expanding as its employs more experts to deliver on the strategic objectives of the funds under its management.

Each employee has a bespoke training plan that is created in conjunction with their line manager and details the training required to fulfil their job role. Employees are also supported in their professional development, with their professional accreditations and annual CPD forming part of their overall development plan.

All employees are covered by annual and semi-annual performance appraisals, which inform any further training needs and ensure that staff are supported in meeting their objectives.


We have a comprehensive set of policies in place to ensure effective governance and high ethical standards across the business. These include policies on:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • ESG policy
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
  • Tritax Code of Conduct

We value our team, recognising that our success is derived from our collective ability to work together to reach our objectives and better serve the long-term interests of all our stakeholders. Our employees are centre and foremost in creating and fostering our unique corporate culture where a caring, inclusive and diverse  culture is actively encouraged by all emplotees and partners alike. As part of this over-arching ambition and culture, we have an Employee Handbook which includes, amongst others, policies on:

  • Diversity and Inclusion, and Equal Opportunities
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Flexible Working
  • Health and Safety
  • Data-Protection
  • Whistle-Blowing



Date Title Download
11 Jan 2021 Tritax Group Environmental Policy Statement 2020
01 Mar 2021 Tritax Group ESG Policy
01 Oct 2020 Tritax Group Health and Safety Policy
01 Mar 2021 Tritax Group Business Code of Conduct


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11 Jan 2021 CSR Committee Terms of Reference


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11 Jan 2021 Materiality Assessment


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25 Mar 2021 Tritax Position Paper - Biodiversity
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