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GRESB 2021 Survey Results - Significant improvements in GRESB scores and achieved 12 green stars across all four of the funds under management

Acting sustainably and responsibly is fundamental to our ability to deliver long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders

Tritax Group, the market leading logistics real estate investment manager, is pleased to announce that in the 2021 survey by GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) released today, Tritax has helped to drive significant improvements across all four of its funds under management in the GRESB scores and achieved 12 Green Stars.

15 Oct 2021

The GRESB 2021 Survey reflects Tritax’s strong and increasing focus on ESG to improve further the ESG performance and credentials of the Group, all funds under its management as well as their standing and development portfolios, with significant progress achieved by delivering enhanced sustainability initiatives.

Notable achievements in the GRESB 2021 Survey include:

  • Tritax Group achieved full scores for the Management of ESG and improved the performance across all of its Funds under management.
  • Tritax Group has improved its practices by introducing an annual staff engagement survey, publishing its full complement of ESG policies, and improving the public disclosures in ESG.
  • Tritax Big Box REIT and Tritax EuroBox plc were awarded four Green Stars out of the maximum of five.
  • Tritax Big Box REIT achieved Global Sector Leader for its Development score.
  • The Tritax Property Income Fund achieved 69/100 and was awarded 1st place in its peer group for Development with the highest score, achieving 97/100 (2020: 65/100) and the maximum of five Green Stars, against an average score of 68/100 for its peer group.
  • MetroBox in its first submission to GRESB, scored 67/100 for its standing investments and was awarded two Green Stars out of the maximum of five.

Tritax launched in November 2020 its bold and ambitious 2030 Sustainability Strategy and Vision with a view to being leaders in sustainable logistics. Tritax’s strategy is driving improvements in the ESG ratings of its funds under management, demonstrating not only its leadership in ESG, but also how environmental, social and governance matters are an intrinsic part of every element of the Group’s strategy and increasingly embedded in the way the Group operates.

Tritax is continuing to work closely with all its stakeholders to deliver leading and innovative ESG programmes and implement its strategies to provide further attractive, long-term outperformance and sustainable value.

James Dunlop, CEO Investment, Partner of Tritax, commented:

‘’Our purpose is to open new futures in sustainable commercial real estate, creating compelling opportunities for our stakeholders and giving the world's most ambitious companies the space to succeed.

Tritax firmly believes that a rigorous focus on sustainability will ensure our long-term viability and commercial success, by helping us to make sound decisions in the best interest of all our stakeholders for the long term.

I am very proud of the significant improvements in GRESB scores and the 12 Green Stars achieved across all four of Tritax’s funds under management. This follows the launch in November last year of our bold and ambitious 2030 Sustainability Strategy and Vision to demonstrate our leadership in sustainable logistics. The GRESB results underline our commitment to this vision and the significant progress already achieved.’’


Maitland/AMO (Communications Adviser)

James Benjamin

+44 (0)7747 113 930


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Tritax Group GRESB 2021 Survey Results 15 Oct 21
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