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We have a strong values-based culture and a clear sense of direction that defines and differentiates our approach.

We act with integrity and have a clear and straightforward style which resonates with our stakeholders.


We take an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to creating new real estate investments. We seek to shape change with a deep commitment to evolve and develop our investment offering to ensure it meets changing sector dynamics and stakeholder requirements.


Our performance is driven by our entrepreneurial edge and complemented by a rigorous approach to governance. Our decisive, progressive style combined with the agile implementation of our ideas creates a first-mover advantage, maximising the opportunities that our sector has to offer.


We are well connected and collaborative. Our growth strategy is built around our commitment to understanding and supporting our internal and external stakeholder’s needs. Our strong industry relationships drive insight-driven decision making and unlock attractive opportunities.


Central to our approach is to proactively adapt, innovate and invest to ensure that as a business we use our planet’s finite resources efficiently, minimising both our impact and the impact of the assets we manage on the local and wider environment.

Our people

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Tom Alcock
Tom Alcock
Petrina Austin
Hana Beard
Mehdi Bourassi
Jo Blackshaw
Ian Brown
James Charlesworth
Helen Drury
James Dunlop
Alasdair Evans
Henry Franklin
Chase French
Catherine Fry
Colin Godfrey
Bjorn Hobart
Freddie James
Tim Legge
Alina Iorgulescu
Carol Muhammad
Ed Plumley
Nick Preston
Phil Redding
James Watson
Frankie Whitehead
Charlie Withers

Tom Alcock Assistant Fund Manager, TPIF

As Assistant Fund Manager to TPIF, Tom is responsible for the day-to day management of the fund including transaction management, financial modelling, asset management and due diligence work streams.


Petrina Austin Partner, Asset Management

Petrina leads the Group's asset management function and is responsible for the strategic management of the investment portfolios, identifying and progressing value enhancing initiatives, so as to protect and maximise investor returns.


Hana Beard Company Secretary

As Chartered Secretary, Hana is responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and best practice corporate governance for the Group, focussing on the listed funds.


Mehdi Bourassi Finance Director, Tritax EuroBox

As Finance Director, Mehdi is responsible for historical and strategic financial matters in relation to the Tritax EuroBox including financial reporting, transaction structuring, corporate compliance and the Company's wider capital market activities.


Jo Blackshaw Investor Relations Director

As part of the Group's investors relations team, Jo has primary responsibility for Tritax EuroBox's investor engagement.


Ian Brown Head of Investor Relations

Ian leads the Group’s investor relations function and has primary responsibility for Tritax Big Box investor engagement.


James Charlesworth Asset Manager, MetroBox

James joined Tritax in April 2020 as Asset Manager to the MetroBox Fund. He is responsible for all investor property reporting, the management of third-party professionals and identifying and progressing value enhancing initiatives.


Helen Drury Sustainability Lead

Helen joined Tritax in 2019 to lead the Group's sustainability function and is responsible for all aspects of sustainability and ESG, including strategy, implementation, reporting and stakeholder engagement.

James Dunlop Partner, CEO Investment

As Partner and joint CEO, James is responsible for identifying, sourcing and structuring suitable investment assets for the company as well as handling the disposal of assets.


Alasdair Evans Partner, Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Alasdair is responsible for all finance, accounting, and tax matters for the Group. Alasdair was appointed a partner of Tritax Group in February 2021.

Henry Franklin Partner, Chief Operations Officer

As Partner and COO Henry oversees the Group's operations. He is also responsible for providing general legal counsel, the structuring and operation of the Group's funds and capital market financing.


Chase French Head of Financial Modelling and Portfolio Analytics

Chase joined Tritax at the start of 2019 to lead the Group's financial modelling and portfolio analytics function. Specialising in computational finance, leveraging and programming, Chase is responsible for delivering data driven insights that optimise our funds investment strategies and profitability.


Catherine Fry Head of Compliance

Catherine joined Tritax in 2016 and is responsible for ensuring the activities of the group are conducted within the legal, regulatory and organisational frameworks. 


Colin Godfrey Partner, CEO Fund Management

As Partner and joint CEO, Colin leads the Group's fund management function. Colin also has overall responsibility for the provision of strategic investment advice to FTSE 250 Tritax Big Box.


Bjorn Hobart Partner, Investment

Bjorn is responsible for identifying and sourcing suitable investments for Tritax Big Box and then financially modelling and appraising the returns to establish the validity within the context of the portfolio assets.


Freddie James Assistant Fund Manager - Tritax EuroBox

Freddie joined the Tritax Group in 2016, firstly working on the Tritax Property Income Fund, before moving to join the Tritax EuroBox team at IPO.


Tim Legge Partner, Fund Manager, TPIF

As Fund Manager to TPIF, Tim leads the investment team in implementing the fund’s investment objectives. Tim became a partner of the Tritax Group in 2020.


Alina Iorgulescu Assistant Fund Manager - Tritax EuroBox

With significant experience in the logistics sector in Continental Europe, Alina joined the Tritax Group as Assistant Fund Manager following the launch of Tritax EuroBox plc to expand the team’s capabilities in transaction origination and execution.


Carol Muhammad Finance & HR Administration Manager

Carol joined Tritax in 2006 and is responsible for the Tritax Group core accounts and the administration of human resources.

Ed Plumley Assistant Fund Manager - MetroBox

As Assistant Fund Manager for MetroBox, Ed is responsible for assisting with acquisitions and disposals, debt origination, financial modelling, portfolio analysis and due diligence work streams. Ed also oversees fund administration.


Nick Preston Partner, Fund Manager, Tritax EuroBox

As Fund Manager to Tritax EuroBox, Nick is responsible for overseeing the strategic decision making for EuroBox and implementation at both property and business level. Nick became a partner of the Tritax Group in 2020.


Phil Redding Partner, Director of Investment Strategy

Phil joined Tritax in 2021 as Director of Investment Strategy is responsible for delivering and implementing strategic investment advice across the Group’s four flagship funds.


James Watson Partner, Fund Manager, MetroBox

James joined Tritax in January 2020. As Fund Manager to MetroBox, he is responsible for the day-to-day management of the fund and implementation of its investment objectives.


Frankie Whitehead Partner, Finance Director, Tritax Big Box

Frankie is responsible for all aspects of finance in relation to Tritax Big Box including strategy, reporting, investor relations and debt issuance. Frankie became a partner of the Tritax Group in 2020.


Charlie Withers Partner, Development Director

Charlie joined Tritax in September 2017, becoming a partner of the Group in 2020. Charlie is responsible for overseeing the development activities for Tritax Big Box.


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